Trump Is keeping his promise to solve the opioid crisis

Mike Lindell writes how President Trump is helping the opioid crisis, and how the Lindell Recovery Network™ can help those suffering from addiction.


Opioids are a major crisis in the United States. In fact, in 2017, drug overdoses killed more than 70,000 people.

In this informative article, Mike Lindell points out how President Trump is working at “saving American lives and finding real solutions for those chained by this addiction.” The results are promising, “the number of prescription drug deaths has leveled off in recent months.”

One area of the legislation that is very important to Mike is that it will provide funding for different treatment options, and that the President acknowledged the importance of faith-based treatment programs like Teen Challenge and Salvation Army.

That is why Mike is ”launching the Lindell Recovery Network™ (LRN), a revolutionary platform that will set people free from addiction once and for all.”

Mike strongly believes, “You need to address the root cause that’s driving the addiction, not just put a band-aid on the problem,” and that is what President Trump, with the support of Congress, and foundations like the Lindell Recovery Network™, are working towards.