“Trump is Our Hope” says Mike in this Mike Gallagher radio interview

“Trump is Our Hope,” things will just go “up, up, up” with President Trump, says Mike Lindell in this Mike Gallagher radio interview.

Mike is a job creator. For years he researched pillows and sleep disorders and he invented and patented his amazing open-cell polyfoam pillow design that everybody loves. And now, you can see them all over the place. He’s a job creator, creating 80,000 pillows PER DAY. So, Mike knows what is needed to create jobs.

And, this week, Mike was in Washington, talking with Ben Carson. Earlier, he was in Israel with the Christians for Israel where United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley gave the keynote address.

And, previously Mike was in Fargo, ND for a rally for Kevin Kramer. There, President Trump gave Mike a shoutout, praising Mike’s ability to be a great negotiator and make great deals and saying “Will you be my head buyer, please?”

For Mike, Trump’s shoutout meant more than selling pillows. It meant that when Mike goes out to, for example, evangelize to 50,000 millennials at The Twin Cities Pulse Event, that he has just that much more credibility.

Mike then talked about Trump’s economic effects in Minnesota, where he has seen the unemployment drop “drastically,” In fact, Mike says, black unemployment is at an “all-time low.” And, the jobs are higher paying.

These numbers, Mike says, are not just due to Trump’s cuts to regulations and taxes, it is also due to the “Infectiousness of Trump’s passion,” that “Trump is Our Hope.” Mike believes that “if everyone gets behind Trump, things will just go up, up, up”.

As Mike says, “I met the president. I know his heart. I know he doesn’t have another agenda other than to help this country and get it right.”.