“We think we have found the cure” (to COVID-19)

“We think Mike has “found the cure” (to COVID-19) announces Rick and Bubba in this interview with Mike. Mike then tells the story about how he found this cure.

On Easter Sunday “this guy called me up and said he had the answer to the virus, a cure.” The man went on to say that it was from the Oleander plant.

Mike then called Ben Carson, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, to help him do due diligence. They found out that the drug “was completely safe,” and that there were “phase one and phase two clinical trials in 2014 and 2015″ about the safety of the drug.

So, Mike decided “to take it as long as it’s safe. What do I have to lose?” Then, “many of my friends and family that were getting COVID” took the drug, and “they would be fine in two days.”

The company turned the drug into the FDA in April. But, they were “not hearing back from the FDA.” So “Secretary Carson, the guy from the company, and I brought it to the President.”

But “somebody leaked to the media, to the Washington Post, that we were trying to budge in line or something. And of course, that was the narrative.”

And, now, the “whole media has switched the narrative to saying that it is a toxic, unproven, unsafe remedy.” Mike says, though, that they have been testing this drug for cancer for “19 or 20 years.”

Mike emphasizes that it passed safety tests, “no matter what it’s treating.” So, “What do we have to lose when we know it’s safe?” And, Mike states, “I know it works.”

According to Mike, there are two areas the company applied for with the FDA: one is as a drug, and one as a dietary supplement.” Mike goes on to say that “when things are proven to be safe and if you get on the dietary supplement list, you can’t say it does anything, but you can use it for anything, like a vitamin.”

“At what point did you, or did the company say, ‘Hey, this might work for COVID-19 and how did they originally test that?” asked Rick and Bubba.

Mike responds that the company started looking at the drug as a COVID-19 cure in “December of last year” where “they got the University of Texas medical branch to test it in the laboratory, and they were just amazing results.” Plus, “Fort Diedrich did government testing and produced the same, amazing results.”

Mike believes that “God brought me this big platform. I believe that this was a divine appointment with this guy.” Mike is now on the board of this company and put his money into the company to “make sure that they have enough in production that when the FDA does approve it, we can get it out to the masses.”

Mike’s business knowledge will be valuable towards getting this out because “not too many companies can scale stuff and make it happen.” Mike gave a MyPillow example where sales went up fivefold on the day that Mike gave his speech in the Rose Garden, but MyPillow was able to respond because “I’ve been doing this for a long time.”

So Mike did get involved because “this is not a huge company. This is a very small company where they’ve never sold anything. They’ve just developed this amazing product.” And, says Mike, “You guys know what I do with my money. I want to use it to finance my Lindell Recovery Network, and for everything else that I do to give my money away.”

Expect to see the product immediately after the FDA approves it: “If it gets approved, on the day they approve it, it’s going out the next day nationwide.”

“This is an extract that you put under your tongue. It’s going to be inexpensive so everybody’s going to be able to afford it and have the same amazing save-your-life miracle.”

As Mike says, “everybody will be fine, this is a miracle drug.” “Why would we not try it? What do we have to lose?”

For more information about the studies, see http://www.phoenixbiotechnology.com/