White House’s Made in America week puts MyPillow inventor next to Trump

White House's Made in America week puts MyPillow founder next to Trump

Mike Lindell, along with 19 other industry leaders, attended the White House’s “Made in America” Roundtable.

At this roundtable, President Trump highlighted American-made products. And, during the meeting, President Trump gave MyPillow a ringing endorsement, saying that he had several MyPillows and, “I’ve slept so much better ever since.”

During the meeting, Mike shared his experiences with making his products in the US and battling cheap knockoffs made overseas. Mike said that in the end, “He trusts American consumers to seek out genuine American-made goods”.

Mike’s reaction to the meeting was that “Our president and this administration are here to help, and they’re going to help. It’s going to be the most amazing thing.”


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