WhiteHouse.gov: President Trump leads “Made in America” roundtable

Mike Lindell joined the “Made in America” roundtable that was hosted by President Trump, Vice-president Pence, Department of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, and Director of the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro. This roundtable was part of the “Made in America” week.

Mike and 19 other industry leaders that manufacture their products in America were at the roundtable to talk about the importance of making their products in America. Mike emphasized that the MyPillow was 100% American – including the cotton, which is grown in America. Mike said that “Keeping the jobs here is just so rewarding.” and was proud to have 1500 passionate employees who have careers at MyPillow. And, Mike emphasized that when companies move their products overseas, the workers of the company lose their jobs – as well as the workers of the suppliers of the company.

“We’re here today to continue our celebration of American manufacturing as part of Made in America Week. The leaders and innovators around this table create the products that fill our homes, defend our nation, and enrich our lives. And each one of these products proudly carries the label, Made in the USA,” said the President.