“With God, All Things are Possible:” Mike Lindell on The Mike Gallagher Show

Mike’s favorite saying is “With God, All Things are Possible,” and Mike keeps proving this saying to be true day after day, as you can see in this interview on The Mike Gallagher Show.

250,000 millennials to hear Mike’s story

Mike’s “rags to riches” story is truly inspirational and, this weekend, Mike will be telling this story at the amazing Pulse event, Together 2018a Christian event to “worship Jesus and be equipped and commissioned to a lifestyle of moving closer to Jesus.” 250,000 millennials will be there, listening to his story and being led in prayer by Mike. So, don’t miss it: he will be talking at 7 PM this Saturday, and the event is in Houston at the Texas Speedway both Saturday and Sunday, October 20-21.  

Mike spoke previously at the Pulse Twin Cities event last spring, where Mike led 50,000 millennials in prayer and told his story to them. These events will be continuing across the country, as this is a “big reach out to millennials.”

Mike support of President Trump

Mike did a speech the other day in Minnesota where he said, “When I met the president (before Trump became president), that was a divine appointment. And, God said, ‘Go all in, Trump was picked for a time like this.'”

And, Mike has “gone all in,” and encourages others to do the same. When people come up to Mike, asking, “Mike, what can we do?” Mike says, ‘Pray for our president to have wisdom, discernment, and protection”.

Plus, he tells everyone to go out and vote on Election Day – and tell friends and family to do the same. As Mike says, “So much has gotten done already. Last time we voted for Trump, we voted based on faith that Trump would succeed. Now we have proof that Trump will succeed – so let’s keep going and get people in Congress that will support him.”

Mike the entrepreneur

Mike, as an entrepreneur, has seen business booming due to Trump. And Mike takes pride in his ever-growing business, with 1700 people working for him. And, he still runs his business as he started with this motto: “it’s not just the product, your handshake is your word, and we treat every customer like our only customer”.

In fact, President Trump acknowledged Mike and his MyPillow business during a rally in Fargo, saying that he has Mike’s pillows, and that “they are very good, I’ve slept so better ever since.”

Opioid crisis meeting at the White House

Next on Mike’s agenda is going to the White House next Wednesday. There, he will be attending an opioid crisis meeting with President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and Kellyanne Conway.  For Mike has a platform, called the Lindell Recovery Network™, which Mike says, “will wipe out this opioid crisis” which should be of interest to all those leading us in this crisis.

And, Mike should know about drug addiction – he has been there, since he’s a recovering addict who lost everything, found God, invented the MyPillow – and the rest is history.

With God all things are possible

So yes, for Mike, “With God all things are possible.” as we can see by his life. And he continues to follow God by giving hope to all with his inspirational story and now, using the MyPillow platform to give back to help other addicts.

Who knows what the next steps in Mike’s life will be? Stay tuned!