You can confront the lies of abortion by seeing ‘Unplanned’

Pure Flix responds to MPAA’s R-rating for anti-abortion film: ‘R stands for recommended’

One of Mike’s newest ventures is being an executive producer of the movie Unplanned. It is a film about Abby Johnson, who worked for Planned Parenthood then became a staunch anti-abortion crusader.

The movie received an “R” rating which, as this article emphasizes, is considered unfair:

“How ironic that in many states teens can get an abortion without parental consent, but nowhere in the nation can they see this movie that exposes the truth about abortion without being accompanied by an adult.”

You can see Unplanned in theaters across the nation starting Friday, March 29th. You can even see Mike’s cameo in the film where he bulldozes a Planned Parenthood site down!

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